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Heating Eye Massager Mask

Heating Eye Massager Mask

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Get Rid Of Your Sleepy Eyes 

The Heating Eye Massager Mask will help to get rid of your eye bags, headaches, and eye strains by using heating technology to relax your eyes. Many doctors today recommend this product to help their patients relieve eye tension and dry eyes from being behind the screen all day. 

Improves Sleeping Quality 

The Heating Eye Massager Mask is designed to improve your sleeping quality by providing gentle heat therapy and soothing acupressure massage to the eye area. As an expert in the field of sleep technology, we have incorporated advanced features in our mask to promote deeper, more restful sleep. With over 90% of users reporting an improvement in their sleep quality, our mask is a proven solution for those looking to enhance their overall sleep experience.

4 Different Massage Modes 

The massage modes (vitality mode, relaxation mode, soothing mode, and sleep mode) are equipped with compression airbags, heat, and different vibration modes designed to relieve your eye when undergoing eye strains, to soothe your tired eyes, and or to provide you with better sleep at night. 

Light Weight and Portable 

 Comes with a travel bag to use on the go, can fold to 180 degrees for different head types and making it easier to carry out 

Bluetooth Function 

With the added feature to listen to music to make the experience more relaxing you can use it’s built in music or use your preferred music from your own device.  


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