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Electric Women Epilator Shaver

Electric Women Epilator Shaver

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Achieve Soft and Smooth Skin

This electric women's epilator shaver utilizes microgrip tweezer technology to effectively remove hair from the root, providing long-lasting results. Experience silky, supple skin with 6 included attachments for effortless hair removal and a luxurious shaving experience.

Convenient and Efficient

The Electric Women Epilator Shaver is a cordless, USB rechargeable, and waterproof device that can easily be used in the comfort of your own home. Its effortless shaving design provides you with silky smooth legs and a soft body, surpassing the results of traditional wax methods.

 Save More Money 

Save money in the long run with our Electric Women Epilator Shaver. Say goodbye to the ongoing cost of disposable razors, waxing kits, and salon appointments. With regular use, our epilator will provide a cost-effective solution for smooth, hair-free skin.


This set includes an epilator head, facial hair clippers, facial cleansing head, shaving head, massage head, and callus remover for optimal results of hair removal, trimming and soothing.

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